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WELCOME TO THE HOME PAGE of the "Guild of (Manufactured Housing) Home Owners and Associates."


To help overcome the many resident issues, the GUILD and its members have provided hundreds of hours of professional time (including legal and business services) to assist residents, in working with legislators, and in preparing legislation. Will you help us obtain fair and balanced legislation passed by the Legislature, and to remove the many injustices in manufactured home ownership?




   Residents continue their struggle for fair treatment, and PAMHOA calls on the Legislative body to take needed action to arrive at suited legislation to protect "homeowner rights" so far denied residents. (See comments below on unsuitable past legislative efforts). Meanwhile, manufactured homeowners are cheated out of a "fair and reasoned equity valuation" of their home ulimately destroying resident's hard earned investment.

   ALSO, at the PAMHOA link can be found information on the national organization (NMHOA) and action taken to deter overly aggressive landlords and corporate owners.


Recent past legislative history:

INDUSTRY RAILROADS LEGISLATION...... ...Residents left to deal with legal nightmare!!!  

(March 14, 2012 - House Urban Affairs Committee supports HB 1767 - ignoring resident concerns; and May 8, 2012 the house approves the bill.)

RESIDENTS COMPLAIN the proposed HB 1767 DOES NOT PROVIDE NEEDED PROTECTIONS FOR RESIDENTS AND THEIR INVESTMENT..... making the present legislative proposal inadequate and unsuitable without revision.  (see commentary at PAMHOA link). AND please visit the link HB 1767 (at left)


AND residents still realing from the shocking news...

                         .... ACT 80 amendments denied.



The GUILD calls for by-partisan support and protection against the well funded industry lobby damaging resident interests.



......We are not talking of transients, gypsies, vacation trailers or RV's hitched to a car or truck.....WE ARE REFERRING TO the GOOD CITIZENS of PA....parents, grandparents, people who are the back-bone of America, MANY RETIREES AND PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES (including the elderly, the infirm, and vets)..... WHO OWN A MANUFACTURED HOME (often valued at 50K, 100K, or 200K - excluding land costs), built to code - just like a conventional stick built home, but intended to be "affordable housing", AND PLACED ON LEASED LAND IN RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITIES.

Will residents take responsibility to notify their legislators? Responsible resident ACTION is essential to ensure progress; even when resident's concerns are well publicized.

And to legislators.... residents expect their elected representatives to defend their rights against the illicit actions of "community owners" abusing resident rights and resident's hard earned home investment; entitlements of residents ALSO denied due to lack of action by the office of the Attorney General.


GHA is the voice of Manufactured Home Owners in PA living in LAND-LEASE COMMUNITIES (LLC)...... and we assist the work of PAMHOA the state-wide organization (go to the link at left)


GHA support the opportunity for residents to obtain home security and protect affordability through individual and co-operative land ownership. For information please contact GHA.


A WORD on Resident Leases: LLC provide an "affordable alternative" for the siting of resident homes; when tenants, for the purpose of economy, exchange the opportunity of mineral and other development rights and similar as enjoyed by traditional land owners. In entering into a lease, the intent of the lessee is to preserve the affordability of the home-site. LLC typically form a part of states "affordable housing policy".

Where intending that tenants of LLC are not to be subjected to fraud, forced purchases, entrapment or other deception, states MUST ensure by law all cost increases or charges are both verifiable and justified on economic grounds. And lease terms not to be arbitrary or capricious. For information on these concerns please contact GHA.



THE GUILD assists PA residents living in LLC, AND is supported by individuals CONCERNED FOR THE PLIGHT OF RESIDENTS. Guild members may live in a LLC community or not, or be a professional working to assist LLC residents, working on legislation or providing other assistance. Guild members help underwrite the work of GHA and the organizations supported by GHA. For more information, please contact GHA.


We are affiliated with the Statewide Tenant Association (PAMHOA)...

... TO ACCESS THE STATEWIDE ASSOCIATION'S HOME PAGE - "The PA Coalition of MH Residents - PAMHOA"  please go to the "PAMHOA/PA Coalition" link at left, or use the link at the bottom of this page.


          THERE ARE 3/4 million residents living in 2000 communities across PA


Residents are encouraged to actively support PAMHOA, to help resolve the many concerns of residents living in land-lease communities (LLC). Collectively, community residents can most effectively address issues or concerns affecting their living and property investment. Many issues common to LLC's statewide, and communities across the USA; each state having it's own Manufactured Housing laws.


Improved laws to better assist residents can only be successfully brought about by residents making their opinions known, and exercising their right to obtain representation via the legislature. 


GUILD MEMBERSHIP is for individuals .


1) MAIL TO: Box 8234, Powder Lane, Zionsville, PA 18092.

2) E-Mail:


  Spring/ Summer 2015: Legislators continue to refuse to listen to resident appeals for assistance to correct the unfair and biased laws controlling "manufactured housing communities" where in many instances residents are denied basic constitutional rights and effectively made subject to the theft of their property through falsely depreciated home values and excessive rent charges and other conditions which ultimately "take away" (deminish or destroy - steal) resident's (home) investment...

...A circumstances best described as the "largest single fraud perpetuated on PA's (unsuspecting) citizens" (many of whom are retired on a fixed income, persons with disabilities, or Vets). Legislators provided with comprehensive "bills" whcih if enacted would resolve the problems complained of.

The Legislature in effect doing nothing to stop this "crime".


DESPITE FORMAL REPRESENTATIONS TO THE HOUSE OPPOSING - HB 1767...on May 8, 2012 the house approved this bill. HB 1767 DOES NOT represent resident concerns as needed, and ignores the many serious issues facing residents and their home ownership - and will add to the legal morass that is MH law. Legislators are asked to URGENTLY frame suitable legislation.

HB 1767 DOES NOT MEET RESIDENT REQUIREMENTS FOR A FAIR AND BALANCED BILL. Years of delay in negotiation with the Manufacturing Industry, and by not representing citizen concerns, the prospect of this bill becoming law poses many questions.

SHOCKING NEWS FOR RESIDENTS.... essential amendments to ACT 80 DENIED. Many residents recorded their concern for the abuses associated with the implementation of ACT 80... complaining of Community Owners circumventing the provisions of the new law with impunity. The reported outcome demonstrates that where residents will NOT defend their rights, legislators alone cannot (or WILL NOT) ensure needed legislative change and effective NEW laws. 

JANUARY 2012. Representatives of PAMHOA met with legislators to consider legislative needs. Bills in progress were reviewed, together with proposals for a comprehensive solution to meet residents needs.

Special Interest:

In Illinois (IL) homeowners displaced due to a change in land use will now be able to access a State relocation fund to help offset expenses. IL join MN and DE in providing this protection for residents in the event of park closure. (PA residents should contact their representatives asking for similar protection.)

MANY PA COMMUNITIES ARE FACED WITH UNFAIR LEASES: LLC residents should not sign a new lease "unless they understand all the agreements and terms contained in the lease". Residents who do NOT UNDERSTAND their lease should obtain legal advice; or contact the office of the Attorney General.

SOME PARK OWNERS offered residents a new lease before the new law (ACT 80) came into effect on March 18, 2011. It is believed many of the new leases conflict with resident lawful rights. In signing a new lease residents may sacrifice valuable rights under the law, and should consult with an attorney. A  new lease is a new binding contract. Once signed benefits could be forever lost. The PA Coalition is providing information for residents to help them decide what is right for them. Information can be found on this web-site. DO NOT BE BAMBOOZLED!

LLC residents are encouraged to apply to have their property assessment reduced (Property taxes). Your home has reduced in value, and likely also the "common level ratio" reduced from when first used to establish your "assessment". Some residents report saving as much as 50%. You are responsible to appeal, and can save hundreds of dollars $$$$$$$.

For information on the State-Wide Association - "PA Coalition of MH Residents - PAMHOA" - please go to the link on this page.



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Members: The Factory Built Home Owners Association of America; The PA Coalition of MH residents (Eastern PA); The Federation of Manufactures Home Owners, FL; Manufactured Home Owners Assoc of America, INC (MHOAA).